Your Baby’s First Pediatric Appointment: Important Questions You Should Ask

During your baby’s first appointment, there’s no question that isn’t worth asking. Any question or concern you have should be addressed with your pediatrician, even if you think it’s not important. If you are unsure of what you should ask during your baby’s first pediatric appointment, here are just a few common questions you need to know the answers to as a new parent. If you choose Aspira as your pediatric care provider, we will be more than happy to answer all the following questions for you. 

  1. How much should my baby be eating each day? 
  2. Can you refer me to a lactation specialist? 
  3. Can you discuss safe sleep practices with me? 
  4. Is my baby sleeping too much/too little? 
  5. Are my baby’s bowel movements normal? 
  6. What shots does my baby need? What are your opinions on those vaccines? 
  7. How can I help my baby’s belly button heal? 
  8. How often should I give my baby a bath?
  9. How do I care for my baby’s circumcision? 
  10. Any other questions or concerns you may have

Pediatricians in Lewes Delaware

Other Important Questions to Ask 

If you haven’t yet decided on a pediatrician, you should ask about the doctor’s credentials, policies, and practices. If your pediatrician is board-certified, that is generally a good sign that you are working with an experienced, knowledgeable doctor. Pay attention to how the doctor interacts with your baby. Ask them their views on breastfeeding, circumcision, and alternative medicine to see how their beliefs line up with yours. It’s important to find a pediatrician that’s a good fit to ensure seamless communication and care for your baby. 

Pediatric Care at Aspira Health

Are you in need of pediatric care in Lewes, Delaware? At Aspira Health, we strive to provide parents with a “one-stop shop” for their child’s healthcare. We know that life with a newborn can be hectic, so we want to provide you with high-quality care that’s quick and convenient. Well checks, vaccines, and lab work can all be taken care of in our office, and our pediatric team is well-qualified to give your child the best care. We are here to watch your child’s development, answer your questions, and address any concerns or issues that arise as your child grows. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician for your baby. 

Learn more about our Pediatric Department:

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