Postpartum Depression: You Are Not Alone

Dr. Alexandra Cox PA-C of Aspira Health discusses the hormonal and physical changes that go hand in hand with Postpartum Depression. If you are experiencing Postpartum Depression, you are not alone!

Pregnancy is the biggest thing a woman’s body can go through. So many changes occur during after pregnancy, and hormonal shifts can sometimes lead to postpartum depression. When you are pregnant, your estrogen levels are very high. After you give birth, the levels drop. When hormone levels dip too quickly, you may experience symptoms of depression. After you give birth, it’s important to stay in tune with your body and your feelings. If your symptoms persist past two weeks, you should see a healthcare professional and get screened for postpartum depression. 

Your Premier Partner in Health for Postpartum Care

Aspira Health created the Postpartum Wellness Program for new mothers in the Lewes area. We provide the care and support mothers need to stay happy and healthy during pregnancy. The program is directed by Dr. Alexandra Cox, DHSc, PA-C, and we provide a variety of services including screening for postpartum depression. You can get the care you need as a new mother when you come to Aspira Health for postpartum wellness. 

Schedule a Postpartum Wellness Appointment

If you are seeking postpartum care, we want to get you in as quickly as possible. The best way to schedule an appointment is by texting 302-517-1385. Book your appointment today so you can get screened for postpartum depression and get the help you need.

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