Results in 15 minutes

We offer Rapid COVID-19 testing for patients that want answers right away.  

While the test results come back in 15 minutes, the process of registration, screening, and discharge paperwork may add additional time.  Furthermore, our workflow is designed to protect patients from COVID-19 exposure.

Sign up for a visit on our Walk-In (Urgent Care) side and we can swab you for COVID-19 using antigen testing.  Know your status before you travel, visit family, or report to work.

To schedule your test, TEXT us right now: 302-517-1385

You can also schedule online.  Use the link below, then:

Select New or Existing Patient
Select Urgent Care for the drop down
Select Sick Visit
On the next screen write, “COVID test” in the Additional Info field

Exposure to COVID and Testing

At Aspira, we strictly follow CDC guidelines. If you know or think you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19:

You need to quarantine at home away from others.

We highly recommend you get tested on day 3 (or later) AFTER your exposure. If you test earlier than day 3, the rapid test is not useful and will waste valuable resources during this pandemic.

If you do not want to get tested, you need to stay in quarantine until day 10 after your exposure.

Monitor for symptoms of COVID and if you develop any, you should be tested at that time for COVID. 


What qualifies as an exposure?

You were within 6 feet of someone with COVID for 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period (people can be infectious 2 days before they were sick, while they were sick or if they never developed symptoms, 2 days before they test positive and up to 10 days after).

You gave care to someone with COVID at home.

You hugged or kissed someone with COVID.

You shared eating or drinking utensils.

You were coughed or sneezed on.


About the Covid-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Tests at Aspira Health

Costs and the Check-In Process


Our COVID-19 antigen testing is covered under insurance the same as a doctor’s visit.  Whatever you would pay to see your primary care doctor (copay) you would pay for a COVID test.  In addition, some insurance companies are waiving copays for patients with exposure or symptoms.

If you are traveling out of the country, insurance may not be billed and you may have to pay for the test.  Our out-of-pocket costs are listed on our Self-Pay Costs Page.


The Check-in Process

When you arrive, we ask that patients stay in their vehicles and register by texting our staff.  Simply follow these steps once you arrive:

Send a text that says “txt” to 302-517-1385 (please do not register if you are not on the premises).

Respond with “yes” when we ask you for permission to exchange protected health information.

Snap and send a photo of your driver’s license and insurance cards (if needed).

Pull around the back of the building to get tested.

If you experience difficulties with the check-in process, simply let our staff know via text that you need help and someone will call or come to your vehicle to assist you.

At no time should you enter the building unless directed by staff.  Thank you for protecting everyone’s health during these unprecedented times.