Who is eligible to receive the Covid Vaccine as of March 2021?

Right now we are only vaccinating 1a workers, those who are 65 and older, and we have a small allotment for childcare workers in the early learning programs. 

How can you sign up for the Covid Vaccine if you are eligible? 

If you are eligible, we recommend that you go to our website https://aspirahealth.net/services/covid-19-vaccine/ where you will be able to schedule your vaccine, and read the additional details about the vaccine and FAQ’s.

How to sign up for the Covid Vaccine if you are not 65 or older, a 1A or a childcare worker? 

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Are non-Delaware Residents able to get the Covid Vaccine at Aspira Health, in Lewes Delaware? 

You are only eligible to receive the vaccine if you’ve moved, work or do business in Delaware. We are not vaccinating out-of-state residents, unfortunately. However – we are open to the general public to perform covid testing and help with any urgent care needs – such as scrapes, sprains, lacerations, and any viral or bacterial infections. 


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Covid 19 References: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/info-by-product/clinical-considerations.html

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James A Chupella | Reply

Good Morning!

I have tried unsuccessfully to make an appointment on this site. I have read Governor Carneys reduction in age limit but i still cannot seem to make any appointments. I called aspira and was told all info need was on the website. I would appreciate and help or assistance that you may provide. Im an existing patient and birthdate is 05/21/1958.

Thank you,

Jim Chupella

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