Aspira is Now Offering COVID-19 Vaccinations in Delaware

Learn more about the vaccine, frequently asked questions, and how to stay informed by reading this blog.

As of March 2021, Aspira Health is focused on providing vaccines to the community. We offer the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine provided by the state. We are a premier provider in Sussex county because we were recognized as a place that’s well run and easily accessible. We have an excellent system in place that gets patients in and out the door safely. Aspira Health is open to the public and follows all state guidelines when administering the vaccine. 

How the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Works

The vaccine is a very small injection. Most people complain that they have arm pain after receiving the injection, that’s normal. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s part of the process. 

In the vaccine, there’s an mRNA molecule, which is a very small segment of DNA. Once it enters your body, the mRNA goes into your cells and tells your body to make the spike protein. The spike protein is located on the outside of the coronavirus. 

This protein allows your immune system to recognize the virus as an intruder. It attacks the virus to get the infection down in your body and keeps you from becoming critically ill. The Pfizer vaccine is very good at producing that specific immune response that will keep you and your family protected from COVID-19.

Vaccine Dosing and the Inoculation Process

The vaccine is one dose on Day One followed by a second dose 21 days later. Because there has been so much concern and panic around getting the second dose, public health officials have looked into how long you can go without getting a second dose since it is sometimes delayed. 

You can wait up to 42 days, that’s six weeks, and still, get that boost in immunity. It is important to note that just one dose will give you 50-83% immunity, which is good. By comparison, the flu vaccine will give you 45-55% immunity in a given year depending on the strains. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccination

Can you transmit COVID-19 If you get the vaccine? 

Even though you are safe, you could come in contact with live particles from the virus that can be held in your nose or other oral cavities, which could then be expelled when you sneeze or cough. While it doesn’t affect you, it could still infect someone who is not vaccinated. That’s why it’s important to continue handwashing and mask-wearing to keep others safe until there is a larger degree of vaccination in the general public. 

Can the vaccine cause the virus? 

No. The mRNA that goes into your cells only creates the spike protein that your immune system identifies. It doesn’t create viral particles. It’s just creating that outside protein to let your immune system know that an intruder is there and that it should attack that. So, we are using your own immune system to fight off this very deadly disease. 

Get Vaccinated at Aspira Health and Protect Yourself from COVID-19

You and your family can receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination at Aspira. We are now accepting new patients, and we accept all insurances. Click here for information about scheduling an appointment to receive the vaccine. 

Stay Informed of Covid Vaccine Updates in Delaware

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