Benefits of an Adult Physical Examination 

adult physical examinations in lewes delaware

You probably remember getting to leave school early for doctor’s appointments when you were a kid, even if you weren’t sick. As a child, your parents probably took you to the doctor once or twice a year to get a physical or well check. These regular checkups are just as important in adulthood, but they often get put off while other responsibilities like work, college, and raising a family takes priority. Adult physicals are important and beneficial for your health. Here’s why you should schedule one today, even if you “feel” fine. 

Adult Physicals: What Are the Benefits?

The number one benefit of getting a physical is that your doctor will be able to give you a clean bill of health or make you aware of any concerning observations. Some signs of illnesses and diseases don’t cause pain, so you may not be aware that anything is wrong until it is identified by a doctor. Doctors have the tools and experience necessary to spot problems you can’t see on your own. 

Another benefit of getting a physical exam is that you will be able to ask your doctor questions and address concerns about your health. That weird birthmark on your arm, your aching back and neck, and your food sensitivities can be discussed during your physical, and your doctor can refer you to a specialist to further investigate and treat the issue. 

What Does a Doctor Do During a Physical Examination?

During your physical exam, the doctor will take a look at your eyes, ears, mouth, and throat. They will also take your blood pressure, record your temperature, and use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs. They may also feel your lymph nodes, examine your skin, and test your reflexes. 

Your doctor will also ask you questions about your health history, family health history, diet, exercise, and other habits like alcohol and tobacco use. Answering these questions honestly and accurately will help your doctor create your medical record and treat any health concerns with precision. 

Book Your Physical at Aspira Today

Aspira is your premier partner in health. We put modern technology and modern medicine at the forefront of everything we do to bring our patients quality care they can rely on. Your annual physical exam plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Schedule yours today right from your phone by texting us, or book online. We offer self-pay pricing if you don’t have insurance or owe a deductible. 

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