Three Benefits of Getting an X-Ray at Aspira Health in Lewes, Delaware

Did you think you may have a broken bone? Did your child swallow something? There are several reasons why you may need an x-ray, but getting one done at the hospital can be pricey. If you come to Aspira first, we can perform the x-ray, and you may not even need to go to the hospital. In some cases, we can treat you right here in our urgent care clinic depending on what we find on the x-ray. Here are three benefits of getting an x-ray done at Aspira instead of heading straight to the emergency room. 

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X Ray Lewes

1. Our Waiting Room is Less Crowded

If you’ve ever visited the emergency room during the summer, you know how crowded it can be. When you aren’t feeling well, the noise, crowds, and long wait times can make your situation much worse. When you choose Aspira, you won’t have to deal with large crowds and loud noises. 

2. Get In and Get Out Fast 

No one wants to spend all day in the waiting room for a minor injury. One of our biggest priorities is to provide our patients with speedy care. We don’t want you to waste your time in our waiting room. When you come to our clinic, we are committed to getting you seen, diagnosed, and treated as quickly as possible so you can feel better and enjoy the rest of your day. If you do need to go to the hospital, we want to x-ray you and send you on your way as soon as possible so you can get the care you need. 

3. Save Money 

Getting an x-ray done in the emergency room is pricey, especially if your insurance doesn’t help with the cost. At Aspira, you’ll pay only a small fraction of what you’d pay in the ER. That means you get to keep more cash in your pocket while still receiving top-notch medical care. 

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Come to Aspira for Your Next X-Ray

Whether you live locally or you’re visiting the Delaware beaches from out of town, you can come to our urgent care clinic to get an x-ray if you have a non-life threating emergency. We know how expensive, time-consuming, and crowded the emergency room can be, especially during the summer. Visit the Aspira clinic the next time you need an x-ray so you can avoid the hassles of the hospital. 

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